Convenient Instruction In Your Home

Practice & Passion

* Practice 30 minutes / day

 * If you miss a day of practice catch up the following day by practicing an hour 

The first thing you must realize is that you are your own teacher and your teacher is your guide. Through dedication and passion for music, some kids who don't  take  music lessons have proven to be better than kids who do take lessons. Beethoven said , "to play a wrong note is insignificant: to play without passion is inexcusable."  In the 80's, when I got home from school I was excited to sit behind my drums just to learn the next 8 measures of Xanadu and other songs by the band RushI would look forward to this. My parents didn't drag me kicking and screaming to play the drums. When there is passion for music there is no longer a 30 minute practice limit. That is irrelevant. You will sit for hours and it will feel like minutes. Likewise, without passion, you will sit for minutes and it will feel like hours. Without passion, you will be miserable. 

Teachers will help you develop good technique and reading skills. You will learn to listen and study passages of music, understanding the theory behind it. You will be prepared to perform in shows and encouraged to pursue other opportunities.  You will be exposed  to music that you wouldn't have considered on your own. There will be enjoyment and frustration.  Teachers provide encouragement as well as criticism. Learning music is a challenge and feedback is helpful along the way.  You will learn how to build confidence and overcome anxiety. Playing with other musicians is one of the best ways to become a better musician. This can't be done playing alone in a practice room. Many of my students have gone on to be teachers and performers. This could be the beginning of a long musical journey for you. 

Michael Hoover 

Music Lessons In Your House