Lesson Policy


1)  Payment

Lessons must be paid for in advance on the 1st day of every month for the lessons in that month.

There will be a $10.00 late fee if payments are not received by the 20th of the month. 

Check - Mail check to business address. Write account number on check. Teachers don't collect checks at lessons.        

Bill Pay - Pay online through your bank. Include account # in memo. Auto bill pay not suggested as lesson activity will fluctuate. 

Zelle - [email protected] is associated with my account

Google Pay - [email protected] is associated with my account

Apple Pay - [email protected] is associated with my account  

Paypal - [email protected] is associated with my account

2) Billing

Bills are emailed. After current bill is paid, the bill for the following month is emailed. 

3)  Student Cancellations

Teachers are holding your time slot every week, therefore monthly tuition must be consistent and all cancellations must be paid for. Essentially, You are paying for a time slot. DO NOT deduct student cancellations from the following month’s tuition.  If you can't commit to a weekly lesson due to sports, dance class, karate, tutoring or other activities, this may not be the best fit for you.  No make ups are provided for kids who miss group classes: RE 101, RE 201 and RE 301. 

4)  24 Hours Notice

 If a minimum of 24 hours notice is given (to your teacher, not business line) a make-up lesson will be provided. This includes cancelling due to sickness or other school activities.

5)  Quarterly Allowance 

Teachers are only required to make up one cancellation per quarter. If Quarterly Cancellation Allowance is not used in a quarter it DOES NOT  mean that you have two allowed in the following quarter. 

1st Quarter: January – March

2nd Quarter: April – June

3rd Quarter: July – September

4th Quarter: October – December

6)  Is a reschedule counted as a cancellation ?

If a lesson is rescheduled to another day within the same week this is not a cancellation and will not be counted against your quarterly allowance. However, a reschedule is not always possible with teachers who have a full schedule.

7)  Teacher Cancellations

You are not required to make up teacher cancellations and can deduct that from the following month’s tuition. This also keeps teachers from slacking off and canceling excessively. If they cancel, they don't get paid. 

8)  Holidays

There are no lessons on:

4th of July

Memorial Day

Labor Day




New Years Day

You don't pay for lessons that fall on these dates. Note, it must fall on the specific date. It doesn't  include the whole holiday weekend.

9)  Can I Lose My Time Slot?

Yes. Teachers may remove you from schedule for not practicing, excessive cancellations, unwarranted complaints against teacher or haggling over lesson policy . Please read practice link. 

10)  Vacation & Stops

 If you go away for 3 or more weeks at a time this is considered a vacation or stop from lessons. You are not required to pay for lessons while you are on vacation and a new time slot (and possibly a new teacher) will be assigned when you return. The only way to secure your time slot is to pay for the slot while you are away and you will not be removed from the schedule. Paying for the time slot doesn’t mean you will get make up lessons when you return. It just holds your time slot to keep you from going on a waiting list. 

11) Summer Schedule 

 If you move to an earlier time during the summer, the time slot that you had during the school season will not be held for you when school starts back up. When school resumes you will have to find a new time.  

12)  Family Discounts

$10.00 off your weekly lesson rate when family members book lessons back to back. Family discounts only apply to family members, not friends meeting at one home. Families save $520.00 / year with this discount ( For families who schedule weekly 60min, 90min or 120 min lessons, the maximum weekly discount is still the same,  $10.00 / family ).

13)  Hourly Discounts

$10.00 off your weekly lesson rate when student takes hour lessons. Families save $520.00 / year with this discount.

14)  Referral Credit / Mileage Discount

The question often comes up about referral credit or discounts for referring business to Music Lessons In Your House.  This doesn't go unnoticed and is appreciated. It is not a one time discount. By referring friends in your area it allows teachers to give weekly discounts on rates in the 30 to 45 mile range because they are not traveling to an area just to give one lesson. Families save from $260.00 to $1560.00 / year with this discount. 

15) Curriculum

At the time of enrollment you are billed for the book, Rhythm ($15.00). It is required reading for all students and will be needed if you decide to participate in exams. Teachers will decide what other books to use and you can pay the teachers directly for those books.

16) Instruments

Guitar students must own a guitar with good intonation (guitar must stay in tune). All piano students are required to play on a full size 88 key weighted keyboard. We provide rentals at a great rate to meet this need. 

17) Rent To Own 

We have weighted piano rentals that range from $10 to $60 / Month. 50% of your rental money can be used to purchase a used or new piano. If your piano is picked up and taken off rental program without - at that time - using your 'rent to own credit' toward a purchase, you lose the option to use that credit toward a future purchase.

18) Student Performances 

Every 6 months students have the opportunity to perform in shows. When notice is sent out,  please register ASAP before your show preference fills up. Dates are posted 6 months in advance and can be seen on the website. Students performing don't need a ticket, but others attending pay $10.00 / ticket. A non-refundable payment for tickets officially reserves seating for your show. Student should prepare music selections that collectively total no more than 4 minutes of performance time. 

19)  Rock  Ensembles 

RE 101, RE 201 and RE103 are group classes that are held once / month (fee $35 / hour). There must be at least 3 students enrolled for a class to take place. Typically classes are done last the drummer's home. Classes held with the goal of performing in the Spring and Fall shows. 

More info here: Rock Ensembles 

20) You Tube Videos 

Not all students like to perform in front of people.  Students have the option to do You Tube Videos as an alternative to live performances. After 7 posts on my you tube channel, students receive a YouTube Trophy. Your name can be posted or an anonymous stage name. We can shoot a full video or an anonymous  video of  just your hands playing the instrument. All students are welcome to participate on my channel. To see student videos or subscribe to get updates, click  HERE .