Lesson Policy


1)  Payment

Lessons must be paid for in advance on the 1st day of every month for the lessons in that month.

There will be a $10.00 late fee for payments that fall over 30 days past due. 

Pay with Check, Bill Pay, Paypal, Google Wallet or Apple Pay 


Mail Checks To Business Address  (write your account # on check). Teachers don't collect checks at lessons

unless you are studying with Michael Hoover.

Bill Pay 

Set up online bill pay through your bank  (include your account #)


Only use this method if you have your paypal account linked to your checking account. 

Don't use credit card.

To avoid 3% transaction fee follow these steps:

1) Log into your account

2)  At top of page click on "money"

3) Click on "send or request money"

4)  Click on "send to friends and family"

5)  Input my email [email protected] 

6)  Input money amount and your account #  in "Add a note" box

7) Important step. Don't select paying for goods and services. 

Google Wallet

[email protected] is associated with my account

Apple Pay

[email protected] is associated with my account

2)  Student Cancellations

Teachers are holding your time slot every week, therefore monthly tuition must be consistent and all cancellations must be paid for. Essentially, You are paying for a time slot. DO NOT deduct student cancellations from the following month’s tuition.  If you can't commit to a weekly lesson due to sports, dance class, karate, tutoring or other activities, this may not be the best fit for you. 

3)  24 Hours Notice

 If a minimum of 24 hours notice is given (to your teacher, not business line) a make-up lesson will be provided. 

4)  Quarterly Allowance 

Teachers are only required to make up one cancellation per quarter. 

1st Quarter: January – March

2nd Quarter: April – June

3rd Quarter: July – September

4th Quarter: October – December

5)  Is a reschedule counted as a cancellation ?

If a lesson is rescheduled to another day within the same week this is not a cancellation and will not be counted against your quarterly allowance. However, a reschedule is not always possible with teachers who have a full schedule.

6)  Teacher Cancellations

You are not required to make up teacher cancellations and can deduct that from the following month’s tuition. This also keeps teachers from slacking off and canceling excessively. If they cancel, they don't get paid. 

7)  Holidays

There are no lessons on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Teachers have liberty to include other holidays if they wish. You are not required to pay for teacher cancellations due to holidays. You can deduct this from tuition in advance.

8)  Can I Lose My Time Slot?

Yes. Teachers may remove you from schedule for not practicing, excessive cancellations, unwarranted complaints against teacher or haggling over lesson policy . Please read practice link. 

9)  Vacation & Stops

 If you go away for 3 or more weeks at a time this is considered a vacation or stop from lessons. You are not required to pay for lessons while you are on vacation and a new time slot (and possibly a new teacher) will be assigned when you return.

10)  Family Discounts

$10.00 off your weekly lesson rate when family members book lessons back to back. Family discounts only apply to family members, not friends meeting at one home. Families save $520.00 / year with this discount. 

11)  Hourly Discounts

$10.00 off your weekly lesson rate when student takes hour lessons. Families save $520.00 / year with this discount.

12)  Mileage Discount

If you live outside of the 30 mile range, teachers may choose to give a weekly $5.00 discount (30min Lesson) or $10.00 discount  (60min Lesson) if there are enough students scheduled on the same day in close proximity. Referrals help with this process.  Families save $260.00 - $520.00 / year with mileage discounts.